The Chapel Antiques Centre houses a variety of
independent antique and interiors dealers.

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday (Summer) 11am - 5pm
Sunday (Winter) 11am - 4pm

French Affair

English & Continental Antiques
& Decorative Articles

D. J. Green Antiques

English & Continental

French Beds
at The Chapel

Traditional French Beds

Martha's Vineyard

Shabby Chic & Vintage

Take A Seat

Quality Fabrics &
Upholstery Service

Ray & Barbara Peacock

Boxes & Clocks

Pine & Dine

Stripped & Painted Pine Furniture Sold & Bespoke


Mid Century Furniture & Decorative Items


Antique Furniture
& Decorative Items

James Green

Mid Century & Antique Furniture & Decorative Articles

Florrie Blue

Shabby Chic
& Vintage

Ralph Paul

Green Oak Furniture

Joanne Marriott

Shabby Chic
& Vintage

Artistic Antiques

Smaller Antiques
& Decorative Items


Mid Century Furniture, Ceramics & Decorative Objects

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